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Our services

Interior design
Interior design

Seriousness, professionalism, execution of the works in the shortest time, favorable prices, as well as the guarantee of the works are the principles by which we run our business, representing for you real advantages. We look forward to becoming our client because our experience in the above areas is the best guarantee.

Civil and industrial constructions
Civil and industrial constructions

Our team of specialists keeps up with the new technologies and promotes them throughout their activity. We have the full range of equipment needed to carry out the highest performance work. All of these are supported by the Quality Management System according to the standards in force.

Plumbing and heating installations
Plumbing and heating installations

Our company manufactures indoor and outdoor water and hot water supply systems for domestic use. We use modern, high-quality construction solutions, materials and equipment. We are at your disposal with qualified installation staff, experienced in the installation field for both assembly and execution work and for guidance in their choice.

Electrical and ventilation installations
Electrical and ventilation installations

Our highly qualified staff can provide complete solutions consisting of consulting, design, assembly/installation and service of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and electrical equipment and installations for construction. Quality assurance is a permanent concern and our company has implemented the ISO quality management system and is licensed by ISCIR, RENEL, Environmental Protection.

Gas stations
Gas stations

We ensure the complete execution of gas stations: service shops, awnings, gas pumps, gas tanks, trails, laundries, platforms, landscaping.

Natural gas distributions
Distribution of natural gas from steel and HDPE, including control stations

Natural gas installations, methane gas connections, including control-measuring stations, design and execution. Our team experience, doubled by solicitude and professionalism, is a solid business card. Guaranteed quality, the specialists being authorized ANRE, ANRGN.

Main pipelines interconnections
Main pipelines interconnections, including technological installations

Our company has in his activity profile the design and execution of gas supply systems, control stations, main pipelines interconnections, including technological installations, distribution networks and connections.

Sewerage and water supply
Sewerage, water supply and water treatment plants

We are a professional company in the execution of sewerage, water supply and water treatment plants. We offer the ascertainment and advice in choosing the best technical solutions, respectively the quality of the works at the highest level.

Road and bridges works
Roads and bridges works, including structures (metal or prefabricated)

Our company, through its production capacities and services, is a strong competitive force in the execution of road and bridges works, including structures (metallic or prefabricated), successfully participating in their execution.

Metal fabrications
Metal fabrications for structures and architectural

We make metal structures for sustainable construction by offering customized services and meeting the highest standards. We want to impose ourselves on the market as promoters of absolute quality. We use state-of-the-art technologies, choosing for quality and performance in terms of materials used. We guarantee the manufacture of durable metal structures, applying quality control.

Hydro-hydraulic works
Hydro-hydraulic and water management works

Our company carries out the following hydro-hydraulic and water management works:

  • design and rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage networks;
  • design and rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage systems;
  • design and rehabilitation of water pumping stations and installations;
  • design and rehabilitation of water treatment plants and plants;
  • design and rehabilitation of wastewater treatment plants and plants;
  • design and rehabilitation of water storage tanks;
  • design and rehabilitation of wastewater collection systems.
Production of concrete
Production of concrete, mortars, precast concrete elements

The company carries out its own precast concrete production for commercial, industrial buildings and buildings, roads and bridges. All products are certified with quality and compliance.

The production base has an analysis and testing laboratory in grade II construction. We aim to offer our customers, both the beneficiaries of the group and other construction companies, quality prefabricated, made in the shortest possible time.

Mining perimeter closure works
Mining perimeter closure works, environmental ecologization and water treatment plants

Closure of mining units is a complex and lasting program aimed at conservation work, closure itself and post-closure monitoring. All of these works must be carried out with great responsibility because the complete completion of the greening work involves the existence of clean plots and no risk to future owners even if they are subsequently used for crops, our unit being specialized in these types of works.

S.C. I.M.I. S.A.

"Quality defines the way" is the governing principle of our organization. That is why we pay special attention to the satisfaction of our clients and other parties involved, trying to exceed their expectations.

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