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About our policy

Policy of S.C. I.M.I. S.A.

Statement on the policy of the general manager for quality, environment, occupational health and safety management

"Quality defines the way" is the governing principle of our organization. That is why we pay special attention to meeting the requirements of our clients and stakeholders, trying to overcome their expectations. The integrated management system is in S.C. I.M.I. S.A. not only a method, it is an attitude and a way of thinking. Our organization's mission is to continuously improve the way we work, the work environment, to make sure that the products and services we provide to our customers are of the highest quality without impacting on the environment, under conditions security and safety of employees. We can do this by setting up a new organizational culture on the quality, environment, health and safety of all our employees. It is obvious that this mission can only be achieved if each team member continually improves his/her knowledge.

S.C. I.M.I. S.A. supports the improvement of its members in order to be able to provide high quality services, being aware that the power of a firm lies in its human capital. I commit myself to allocating resources to continuously improve and maintain the effectiveness of the management system through:

  1. Achieving products both in accordance with customer requirements and with those established by applicable laws through effective monitoring and measurement;
  2. Permanent adaptation of modern execution and measurement technologies in processes conducting;
  3. Purchase of raw materials, materials, high-quality equipment only from selected suppliers based on performance-based criteria;
  4. Maintain a healthy work environment that ensures employee safety and public health;
  5. Improve communication with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders to keep them up to date with their requirements and expectations;
  6. Effective resource management and responsible attitude assumed by all employees;
  7. Permanent compliance with applicable legislation requirements;
  8. Prevention of environmental pollution, prevention of injuries and professional illnesses;
  9. Continuous professional training of employees in the field of quality, environmental protection, health and safety at work.

To preserve his prestige on the field, S.C. I.M.I. S.A. is based on the professionalism of the employees and the seriousness they deal with all aspects of quality, environment and work safety.


S.C. I.M.I. S.A.

"Quality defines the way" is the governing principle of our organization. That is why we pay special attention to the satisfaction of our clients and other parties involved, trying to exceed their expectations.

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