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About our history

History of S.C. I.M.I. S.A.

S.C. Întreprindere Montaj-Instalații S.A. Mocira (I.M.I.) is a commercial company with legal personality, established in 1992, according to the Law no. 31/1991. It worked under the name of S.C. Întreprindere Montaj Instalații S.R.L., until August 1997, when it became a joint stock company with Romanian private capital.

The company founded by Mr. Alexandru Pârjol, a person with multiple experience accumulated over 25 years of construction-assembly and complete through the professionalism of his employees, has endured through his years of professionalism, quality and (industrial, civil, social, cultural, mining, urban), installations related to the construction (sanitary, thermal, sewerage, electrical, ventilation), gas stations, low and medium voltage electrical installations, natural gas pipelines, natural gas and HDPE gas distribution including control stations, mains interconnections, including technological installations, pipelines and technological facilities for the transport of fuel any kind, pipelines for water supply and distribution, water treatment plants, road works and bridges, metal fabrications for structures and architectural works, hydro-hydraulic works and water management, concrete production, mortars, precast concrete elements, pavement production, bitumen insulation and polyethylene bands, mining perimetric closure works, environmental upgrades and water treatment plants, freight transport.

In the last 5-6 years, the company has secured a stable number of 400 jobs, being awarded in this respect by C.N.I.P.M. Bucharest.

The professional qualities, the spirit of initiative, the organizational spirit, the qualifications and the attestations of the staff represent in the relation with the beneficiaries the reflection of the quality and the possibility of execution and follow-up of the works, regardless of other needs of a material nature.

Analyzing the quality requirements stipulated by the Standards, and Standards in force, the management has established the professional criteria that are strictly necessary for its employees, organizing periodically vocational and moral training courses, authorizing the staff whenever necessary areas of activity thereby:

  • Construction-Montage-Installations: engineers, sub-contractors and certified chief of batch M.L.P.A.T. for: Site Engineering, Technical Assistance, Technical Implementation Officer, Design, Concrete Station Manager, Laboratory Chief Testing Officer;
  • Installations: engineers, sub-contractors, chief of batch, foremen and executives certified and authorized by A.N.R.G.N. Bucharest for execution of works in the field of main pipelines and natural gas distribution:
  • TUV BAYERN MUNCHEN for welding of high and medium pressure steel pipes;
  • ISCIR Bucharest for high and medium pressure welding for water and natural gas from polyethylene;
  • ISCIR Cluj for welding pipes and pressure vessel;
  • Electrical instalations: engineers, chief of batch execution foremen and personnel certified and licensed by the Electrica Mocira;
  • Mining perimeter closure works and environmentally friendly environment: engineers and sub-engineers certified by INSEMEX Petroșani for the Electromechanical, Aerospace and Mining Security specialties.

From organizational point of view, the company is structured in compartments, departments, lots, workshops, construction sites, teams of specialists for the management and execution of the works in which it is trained. For a positive evolution in an unstable market economy, it was necessary to establish business strategies and quantify ideas on the development of society, with a focus on modernizing, equipping, expanding and completing the own production base, trying to offer market the most complex services, modern technologies, quality being one of the basic concerns in the society policy.

S.C. I.M.I. S.A. Mocira has the capacity and resources to carry out work in its field of activity, the quality of which is conducted and monitored in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, where the company is certified and confirmed by CERTIFICATES OF GOOD EXECUTION issued by our beneficiaries.

From the beginning of its establishment to the present, the company has been in constant ascension both from the point of view of the executed works and from the organizational point of view, having at present a developed infrastructure and being accredited for its activities by:

  • National Gas Agency from Bucharest
  • I.S.C.I.R. Cluj
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environmental Protection
  • Professional Association of Roads and Bridges
  • A.F.E.R. Bucharest
  • ARACO Bucharest

S.C. I.M.I. S.A. Mocira has had, over the years of its establishment, a 100% upward trend from all points of view. Going parallel to the three major goals in our business: QUALITY, STYLE, COMPETENCE, we have been able, through much work, to impose the personality of society through the achievements we have accomplished and to create our own business card, exemplified also by Performance Certificates issued by all our beneficiaries.

S.C. I.M.I. S.A.

"Quality defines the way" is the governing principle of our organization. That is why we pay special attention to the satisfaction of our clients and other parties involved, trying to exceed their expectations.

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