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Română  We build for the future! S.C. I.M.I. S.A.


  • 1. Interior design
  • 2. Civil and industrial constructions
  • 3. Plumbing and heating installations
  • 4. Electrical and ventilation installations
  • 5. Gas stations
  • 6. Distribution of natural gas from steel and HDPE, including control stations
  • 7. Main pipelines interconnections, including technological installations
  • 8. Sewerage, water supply and water treatment plants
  • 9. Roads and bridges works, including structures (metallic or prefabricated)
  • 10. Metal fabrications for structures and architectural
  • 11. Hydro-hydraulic and water management works
  • 12. Production of concrete, mortars, precast concrete elements
  • 13. Mining perimeter closure works, environmental ecologization and water treatment plants

We help you achieve your dream.

Our commitment to the values of the organization: INTEGRITY, RESPECT, OBJECTIVES, COMPETENCES.

S.C. I.M.I. S.A.

"Quality defines the way" is the governing principle of our organization. That is why we pay special attention to the satisfaction of our clients and other parties involved, trying to exceed their expectations.

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S.C. I.M.I. S.A.
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Mocira, Maramureș, România
Zip code 437228, C.P. 265, OP no. 2

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