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Dear colleagues,

People have to great results when common values unite around them and work TOGETHER for the same purpose.

Integrity and ethics are the characteristics of how the S.C. I.M.I. S.A. intend to run their business. Values such as trust and loyalty are deeply rooted in the culture of our organization. Good relations with colleagues and relations we have with our business partners are fundamental to us. Welcome to the I.M.I. team, which is paid experiences, undertake attitudes are shaping the future!


General Manager

Mr. Alexandru Parjol

Vacant posts

In our company you can find the best opportunities to develop a successful career in one of the largest companies in it's domain. The area of available posts is great, ranging from unskilled or skilles workers, engineers, specialists in different fields and even management positions.

We encourage out team to think and act even outside their specialty, which makes it easy to adapt to any situation and give positive results. This attitude is reflected in our relationships with colleagues, but also in collaboration with our customers. New opportunities are always present to the right people, so we are confident that we can continue the same way.

In our opinion, you can't achieve great things if you have low expectations!

Analyze your skills and if you want to work with us, we can ensure you that we pay experience and eployee attitude!

We wait for your resume at this e-mail address:

We will review your resume, your level of training and experience and we will contact you as soon as possible.