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About the S.C. I.M.I. S.A. company

Every field has its leaders and its why we are proud to introduce ourselves: S.C. I.M.I. S.A. - QUALITY, STYLE, COMPETENCE. The first thing that gives us distinction is the quality of our services offered to clients. The second thing that gives our organization a unique character is the quality of life of our employees. They are the most precious resource for the company and we released for them the biggest challenge: Competence Attitude Profit!

To be profitable for all groups that you interact requires a high level of ethics. To share mutually beneficial business relationship means you must build a spirit of responsibility and mutual trust. What makes it possible for things to happen this way? Our commitment to organizational values: INTEGRITY, RESPECT, GOALS, COMPETENCE.

IMI SA Office

We do what we believe in and we believe in what we do. We are ordinary people who get extraordinary results because we make a united team around shared values and dedicated to the same purpose.

The objective of the activity is focused in particular on the execution of building, the construction industry, mining, civil, social, cultural, urban, ecological, environmental, mine closures, electrical high and low voltage, installations and distribution of natural gas , including reduction-measurement stations, installations for the transport fuel of any kind, plumbing and heating, ventilation, water supply, water treatment plants. S.C. I.M.I. S.A. Baia Mare has the ability and resources to execute these types of works, quality is managed and tracked in accordance with ISO 9001, the company is certified and confirmed by certificates issued by our clients performance.


The mission of our organization is continuously improving how we work, improving the work environment, to ensure that products and services we offer our clients are of the best quality, without causing environmental impact. It is obvious that this mission can be achieved only if each member of the team constantly improves their knowledge. S.C. I.M.I. S.A. supports the improvement of its members to be able to provide high quality services.

For more information about us, about our work and about the types of work we perform, you can view the catalog S.C. I.M.I. S.A. by accessing the link on the right.

IMI SA Catalog

Catalog IMI SA